The Most Respected Brands Trust GoCircular

Five Reasons to Sell with GoCircular

A platform built on trust — GoCircular is invitation-only, and all buyers are pre-screened during the registration process. This ensures that all members are compliant and meet your specific requirements. Plus, GoCircular is a PureWrx company, a trusted OEM partner and the market leader in OEM-CPO hardware.

You make the rules — OEMs have the ability to set business rules for all inventory sold on GoCircular. Once set, OEMs can rest easy that the platform will match only those buyers who meet requirements.

Meaningful data — unlike liquidation channels, working with GoCircular is a true partnership — and our transparency is for real. We will track and report  data on pricing, demand, or any other metrics that you define as important to your business.

Low cost growth  — OEMs gain access to hundreds of pre-qualified buyers from around the world – all of which are fully managed by GoCircular, thereby reducing sales costs while adding scale.

Go green profitably — GoCircular supports sustainability initiatives by uncovering demand for E&O inventory that otherwise may have been destroyed. We can provide corporate departments the metrics for your own sustainability initiatives.

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